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We have compiled our top 12 reviews along with an awesome video of the best 12 drones with a camera feature, with the help of some user reviews.

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera

Awesome drone for the money. I am already on the Phantom line and on to the Inspire Pro. But the Phantom 3 Standard is a great value to get you started off. The Standard is all you need to get started. Once you get into it, you’re gonna want a better drone. I went with the Inspire 1 Pro and love it. But the Phantom 3 got me there. 2 of my friends have the professional and have remorse for buying them as they want to upgrade now but have too much invested in their drones. All I can say is if drones are new to you, grab a $50 quad and see if it sparks your interest. If so, grab the Phantom 3 Standard. You can have a lot of fun with it and also make some easy money by doing aerial pictures and videos for real estate, farmers, etc. One of the reasons I moved up to the Inspire line. I am doing a lot of work as well as flying it for pleasure. I’ve made my money back and then some. Again don’t waste your hard earned money on the advanced and professional or even the Phantom 4. Grab the Standard because you will want to upgrade down the road. I still fly my Phantom. I love the drone and don’t see myself getting rid of it.


 DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter Drone Camera 

This review relates to a similar DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone package, but the one I purchased, which cost a little less, came without the 1 year extend warranty and the camera filters, otherwise, it is the same drone package. The box came on time and was packed well. The Phantom 4 Pro has been flown almost daily and multiple times during the day, so far it is working well and is a lot of fun to fly… a great drone. With regard to the package accessories; the blade guards are useless as they don’t fit the Phantom 4 or Pro, the backpack that came in the box was a different backpack (soft sided) than the one that is pictured and lastly, the multiple battery chargers do not work with Phantom 4 Pro battery charging cables, so it is also useless. The extra micro SD cards are very nice and work fine. I called customer care with my concerns regarding the backpack, multiple charger and blade guards and they were extremely pleasant and helpful! They sent me the backpack that was pictured and took care of the other items that did not work. I would give this a 5-star rating if all the accessories worked with this drone.


SWAGTRON SwagDrone 210-UP – 5.8G Carbon Fiber FPV Drone Racing, RTF – 700TVL 

I was excited when I first took it out of the box. I messed around with the sliders and programming using the software before taking it out for a spin. It responds pretty damn well and the controls give you a lot of options. But the night vision is my favorite feature. Paired it with VR goggles, and you can literally see everything. Can’t wait to race it next week. The stock settings are very decent without changing anything it is fun to fly. Surprise how fast it is with just 2S battery. I know some don’t like the way you have to take it apart to work on but it gives a more clean look, and for plastic, it’s pretty sturdy.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

This quadcopter is absolutely amazing, it’s just what I expected and more! This drone has an amazing camera! I bought tons of accessories to go with it! For the price of this drone, it’s everything you need! I was so surprised at how well it performed on its first flight! The speed is amazing! In the future I would sooooo buy another drone from DJI, I was amazed also at how high this drone goes! I am so excited to play with this over the summer! The battery lifetime is also very long (23 mins)! I suggest getting all the accessories from the actual DJI store or on Amazon! The range of this drone is amazing, I went easily over 1,000 meters (1 mile about) and this drone was working very well! over the summer I will try to go further because in the winter flying the drone, it’s too cold! I do not recommend flying it in snow or rain unless you are advanced and it is only drizzling rain or only a small amount of snow! You should fly your drone when it’s about 40 degrees otherwise the battery can get too cold and can freeze up the drone a little if I fly when it’s under 40 degrees I put my battery near a vent that’s blowing hot air just to warm it up! DO NOT FLY WHEN BATTERY IS UNDER 30%!! I suggest hitting the go home button if you are a good distance away and the battery is low (30%)! when you take off make sure you have enough room and also make sure you monitor it when it is auto landing!! Well, that’s pretty much it about this amazing quadcopter!!! Hope you enjoy your drone and take this review helpful!!


Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera, 1.2-Mile HD Live View

This year I decided to get serious about action photography. I bought a maxed out iMac and a bunch of the new GoPro hero session cams so that I could do multi-camera/ multiview videos of cars and bikes in my private collection. Think “Top Gear”. This Drone and a solo shot have rounded out my capabilities. I now have a one-man action team.

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium: I would like to point out that I am no beginner to R/C. I have been flying R/C aircraft since I was a child. I do fly much better as an adult and then technologies have come so far since then. This drone arrived with the latest firmware and I was airborne in a matter of minutes. Same control setup as an R/C helicopter and many of the cheap play drones we have had. The main differences being that these GPS-Linked drones hover in one place and at one altitude basically hands-free. This drone has a lot of extra features not found in DJI Phantom series. These include large and very bright LED lights on all corners which assist with lower light flying. Heck, you can even fly at night if you are experienced with the LED orientation. I also like the automatic take off and land functions which have there own button as well as the return-to-home feature/button. The range has been good. The app works flawlessly. Battery life excellent. Battery charging is a snap! Picture quality OUTSTANDING! What more could you want…..


MJX Bugs 2 Drone with Camera and GPS – HD 2MP 1080P Camera Drone Quadcopter

I bought this drone for my 70-year-old father, an engineer who has always loved the idea of drones. This one had features that I feel make the drone experience much easier.
I had it up and running within 5 minutes of opening the box. Install batteries and sd card, turn on, calibrate, and done.
So much was included in this package–extra battery, extra propellers and changing tool, micro sd card, and reader. The only thing not included is 4 AA batteries for the remote.
The LCD screen on the remote gives you valuable information
The Bugs 2 is STURDY. It’s a little heavier than other drones but it flies like a CHAMP.
The Return Home function. It’s amazing. Push the button and the drone comes back to where you started. All drones should have this (but they don’t!)
The range is impressive. 0.6 miles is more than enough for any beginner or casual drone user.
The photo and video clarity are fantastic and easy to access on the remote.
This drone has been incredibly easy for me to maneuver, letting me focus on taking great pics and videos.

The Return Home buttons are a great safety net for new users or younger kids flying these for the first time. I know my dad will love this. So excited to give it to him!


Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF in Aluminum Case with CGO3 Camera

Yuneec Q50 This drone is amazing so easy to fly absolutely flawless and the pictures you capture and video are awesome so vivid in color. so many features with the new Q500 4K Battery life is a good 20 to 25 mins and the distance I got was 1,900 ft which I no longer saw it after 800 so whats the purpose of flying if you cant see it. So with that just hit my home feature and its returns to home and landed 20 feet from me. Also had a question about certain function. So I called and waited just 2 mins on the phone got a few question answered but also needed tech support left a message got an emailed that day saying they received my message and will call and also email. Got a call the next day and I missed it the tech at Yuneec left a message saying he will call back which he did the next day.


UPair One Plus 4K Camera, Quadcopter Drone

Buy a 32g micro SD series 10 card to go along with this purchase. Everything else is in the box. I’ve not ever had a drone before, I bought this thing to send a video of a new property to my relatives. I have a 4-minute crisp video now, an hour after opening this box. There is a beginner mode where it automatically takes off and lands. There is a GPS mode where you define the spots on the map where you’d like it to go, the altitude, and how long to stay there. Then you just tell it to go. You can concentrate on making the video work. The drone flies itself. I haven’t graduated to where I’m flying it by the sticks, and I probably won’t. I just want to document the property and show various stages of construction, and have the video later after we’re done.


Rabing RC Drone FPV Wifi GPS Visual Tracking Quadcopter with 16MP Camera RC Quadcopter

This thing is amazing! Takes beautiful pic and vids right out of the box. Took a while to update the firmware and calibrate things which are aggravating when you are dying to fly it but that stuff has to be done. Its a pain to have to take my phone out of its case every time I fly but that’s not the end of the world either.It was super easy to fly and control (after the initial setup and actually getting the props spinning) Its more expensive than a lot of other drones but so far no regrets whatsoever for this choice. The best part is it is so compact and foldable that it is easy to go with you everywhere. Get a good case to hold and protect everything! First-time drone user and I’m am beyond amazed! If I can master all the camera and video stuff I’ll be in great shape.


Contixo F18 Advanced GPS Assisted RC Quadcopter 1080P HD Live FPV 5G Wifi Video Camera 

This is by far the best drone I have ever oned. The APP and FPV are so good, no lag. I flew the drone out about 150 meters or so and the FPV signal was still very good. The drone can push 400 meters in distance easy!
The pros:
The carrying bag makes carrying this drone around a breeze.
GPS assisted hovering
Auto Return to Home function (brings your drone back to the take-off point when the battery is low)
HD FPV camera captures excellent footage.
Extra propellers
Excellent instruction manual with actual pictures
16 minutes of flight time
None really, the only thing that can be better is if the drone came with two batteries. I will be contacting the seller to purchase an additional battery.
Overall, I am a happy customer. I will be uploading many videos for years to come with the help of this drone!


Geniusidea Follow Drone-Portable Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Video Camera 

Guys, I have a few days this fantastic drone of Geniusidea, and I must say that the drone was exceeded. The battery duration is approximately 20 minutes flight time and for its returning home function, I don’t have to worry about whether the drone will fall somewhere difficult to find when it out of the battery. I tried it in the mountains in the open and I used the app “G-IDEA” to control it, it is really easy to fly! You don’t even to bring a controller and the drone was like a dog that returns from the young master! AMAZING! I recorded movies thanks to the 13-megapixel sensors and made a remarkable photo, it works great. Good flights to all of you.


DJI Mavic Pro Drone Quadcopter  4K Professional Camera Gimbal Bundle Kit

I have to say this drone is just Amazing! This is my 2nd DJI drone and it totally exceeded my expectations. I used to have the DJI Phantom 3 Standard which is a great machine to get started due to the low price. Compared to the P3S, the Mavic pro is just way more advanced in a much smaller and more portable package. I am having a lot of fun flying it around my neighborhood and by the beach.

The included Accessory Bundle package is just a must-have. I took the Mavic to the beach, the Landing Pad works really well when you need to take off on the beach. You can avoid sand from entering the delicate motors and camera gimbal when taking off or landing. Also if you enable the precise landing in the settings. The drone will come back home and land precisely on the landing pad automatically when you press the return to home button. Some tips for precise landing: When you are taking off from the landing pad, you DO need to do a complete vertical takeoff and climb to 100 feet high or so in order for the drone to “recognize” and “remember” the taking off location (The landing pad in this case). So when you are taking off, just do not move the drone left right forward or backward. Just climb slowly all the way to 100 feet (Some people say you can go less high, but I just climb to 100 and it works for me most of the time). Then you start flying forward. When you use the return to home, the precise landing will work. If you are trying it for the first time. I will suggest you do it in an Open field without obstacles just to be safe.

The included 2 piece hard cases are also great. I put the remote and the Mavic in the cases and then put the 2 piece cases in my Hiking backpack. Mostly it is just the Mavic and the remote needs protection and the 2 piece cases work well for the purpose. FYI., I put all the other accessories and batteries in the pockets of my backpack.

The extension landing gear is a must-have when you are taking off over grass. They are easy to put on and taking off too. The Left and right landing gears are different. Make sure you put them on correctly.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Mavic Pro and the accessories bundle package comes with it. I highly recommend it.


Due to consumer requests, we produced this guide to help take the stress and worry out of purchasing your next drone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.  We hope you found this guide helpful. See you soon!

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