TracFone LG 306G No Contract Phone – Black

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Amazon Price: $69.98 $49.99 You save: $19.99 (29%). (as of February 25, 2018 1:41 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

you'll be pleased to discover that 'simple' and 'functional' can be used to describe the same device. The TracFone LG 306G Triple Minute Cell Phone is easy and exciting to use, while also giving you everything you need to stay connected with family, friends and a world of entertainment. This TracFone Triple Minutes for life phone offers the essentials without demanding too much from its user – with features that help you connect like swift texting, web browsing and instant email access. This phone provides easy access to your social life, without the complication of bells and whistles to slow you down. Keep moving forward with the TracFone LG 306G Triple Minute Cell Phone and let it be your go-to phone whenever you need to reach out and jump right into action.

Customer Reviews

Two Key Points You Should Know

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 on August 5, 2014
By marc jones
This is my first Amazon review, and I’m doing it because there are a couple of points, both positive and negative, that need to be made about this phone, and I haven’t seen anyone comment on them in the reviews I read.

A impressive amount of apps and features. Not a smartphone, but still very nice!

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 on June 13, 2014
By A.J. in NC
I’ve been a Tracfone user for over a decade and the annual $100 plan has always been perfect for my needs. I was happy with my old LG 840G except for it’s square-corner shape which always felt awkward in my hand. So, I bought the LG 306G a month ago and am well satisfied with it. The slimmer shape with rounded corners feels much better in the hand and in the pocket.

Some of us only want to make PHONE calls on our mobile devices….

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 on October 14, 2017
By CumquatM
My old LG840g died and I wanted a similar phone. This type of phone is hard to find so I bought this as a backup for my current LG306g. I am a very senior citizen who (gasp, gasp) only wants a mobile phone to make PHONE calls. I have a very nice computer with a 23″ screen, an I-pad, a Kindle reader, so when I want to check email, order stuff, and all other functions I use those other devices. I do have the patience to wait until I get home for other uses. I only need mobile for emergencies and basic. I know the new smartphones are great, but some of us don’t need to spend money for functions they don’t need, and will never use. I truly hope the industry will continue to supply phones for the niche market including folks like me.

Great "near" smart phone for Tracfone

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 on June 24, 2014
By Kindle Customer
I’m a long-time Tracfone user who recently upgraded from a LG 800G. This phone is more modern looking, well built, and has wi-fi and a greatly improved touch screen. If you connect by wi-fi, the phone won’t use up your minutes when you’re on the web. It’s priced lower than the Android phones now supported by Tracfone. It is not a smart phone since it doesn’t run Android apps, but it does the job of light web browsing and email and facebook checking pretty well. My phone works with good network coverage, but you should check with which network your phone would connect before you buy, because this can vary with a new phone. There are other apps available (paid from Tracfone, free at other online sites) if you want to play more games and such. It’s smaller than the current smart phones, but the screen size is ok for my needs. Another great feature is that the “triple minutes for life” works for calls, texts, and data. There’s a very helpful e-book by Craig C. White written about the LG 840G available from Amazon (also applicable to this phone) that gives you some great tips and info that I recommend.

more like a GED model but for the money and service …

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 on June 16, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Clearly this is not a ‘smart phone’; more like a GED model but for the money and service (Safelink) it’s a pretty good bargain! The phone has a very solid feel to it; it’s hefty but not heavy or bulky! The touch screen is pretty good considering its rank among cellular phone! The menus are pretty straight forward but don’t look for much help from the ‘instruction pamphlet’; I had to do a lot of ‘playing around’ with the menus to find out what controlled what but the learning curve wasn’t that high! The screen is bright and clear but doesn’t play well with sunlight; find some shade and you can manage! It scroll easily and responds quickly to your touch. The sound was decent on ear or’ on speaker; it was pretty clear since the speaker is on the front of the phone. There is a quirkiness when you’re using the dial pad; it doesn’t always respond well when you touch the ‘answer’ icon; this my second phone of the same model and two of my friends have the same phone and report the same quirk! It’s not a major ‘problem’ but it can be annoying! Overall, this is a good beginners phone and with its 3G, you can actually use it here (NYC) on the subway depending on where you are! I would love to have a Galaxy but simply can’t afford one and since the service is free, this phone is a good deal!

I would be very happy with it

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 on August 24, 2016
By Gadget Geek
I have had a flip phone for many years now and have recently been experiencing problems with it that are not relevant to this review. So I thought I’d try this phone since it was cheap and the numerous reviews were very positive. Unfortunately, my less-than-a-week experience with this phone was not so positive. If it wasn’t for the many accidental pocket-dialings I experienced, I would be very happy with it. But after one week, I’ve had enough and I’m going back to a flip phone.

My wife had just replaced her LG 800G with a LG 306G – which she liked – so it made sense to have the same …

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 on July 21, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I wanted a simple “simi-smart” TracFone to replace my older slider TracFone. My wife had just replaced her LG 800G with a LG 306G – which she liked – so it made sense to have the same TracFones. The LG 306G uses the AT&T network which gives us 3G (3+ bar) connections when we travel between Kentucky & Indiana. We also liked retaining the TracFone 3X minutes for life rate. The phone’s excellent reception & speaker volume are it’s best features. The screen is a bit small and not really suited for e-mail or internet browsing. Overall, the LG 306G is a great little “simi-smart” TracFone at a great price.

i don’t know anything about cell phones but to me this is A NICE PHONE, not as big as they were

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 on July 25, 2016
By bill44041
its been 25 years since had a cellphone. I had my voice box removed a few months ago. so I needed it to text for a few months. i don’t know anything about cell phones but to me this is A NICE PHONE, not as big as they were. i am able to hit the key i wanted to hit. the sound is very good for a small phone. i can see the screen good. all in all being with out one for so long. THIS IS A NICE PHONE.

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